Kris Vockler

Kris Vockler wants to live in a world where people are kind, children's toys pick themselves up, words flow like fountains, and the perfect landscape photo wasn't taken at 5 am.
One of Kris's greatest enjoyments is CEOing (it's a word!) a fantastic coatings and chemicals company that seeks to improve green qualities, replace hazardous products, or better products in green and sustainable ways for the construction industries. Basically, she enjoys making living and working spaces greener and higher in design possibilities. 

As a Photographer, she's been honored on Photographers For Good Vol. III,  2014 PX3, and Monochrome Awards. She also enjoys any time hanging out with her amazing seven-year-old-going-on-forty son, rock-crawling in her Jeep, and shamelessly reading any zombie novel.


Charlene o'day

Charlene is an entrepreneur, off-roader, and makes a mean jar of canned sweet-hot peppers. She is the President of Charter Controls in Vancouver, Washington. Charter Controls designs and customizes control panels for customer globally for any hi-tech need. 

Besides finding her at the helm of her business, you will find her with her husband Patrick O'Day in their yellow Jeep JK rolling through the hills.