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Would you like to contribute to Photographer's Soul?

We do accept submissions for essays. For featured photo sets and interviews, we hand pick who we would like to write about or show. You are welcome to submit photos, we love to look at other's works. If your work fits what we are looking for, we might accept, you never know. 

Essay particulars. Photographer's Soul is about the touchy feely side of photography. You will not see information on equipment, which can be found all over the 'net. What you find here is the psychology of what is the photographer's eye, heart, and brain. Photos and works that may or may not be technically perfect but convey a clear understanding of visual design, intent, vision. 

Topics around composition, above the usual "10 Key Compositions to Make Your Photos Zing", are very important. The how and why we craft the arrangement of things in a photo. Topics dealing with allegory in photography, vision thread, and the like. The things we explore and create in our personal projects, concepts expressed and ideas presented. Our creative process and the ways we go about making images.

From Gestalt theory to visual design principles and creative workflow. 

Submissions are to be 1,000-3,000 words, must be well crafted and edited. 

To learn more, like editorial suggestions, please contact Kris via the envelope button below in the footer.