More On Patience From A Buddhist Perspective

More On Patience From A Buddhist Perspective

If you missed it, I've been suffering from impatience lately. So spun up in it, I can't move forward. All centered around my chosen art outlet, photography. Here is my last post on the subject, one I thought about for quite a while. 

Seems that when you do some good thinking, the universe shows you more. I recently came across this article in my email: Patient Awareness.  It is very heavy in Buddhism and might be a tad bit difficult if you don't know all the Pali language terms and Buddhist concepts. 

Some key things I know to be true about patience: 

If we ourselves are unable to suffer, we cannot suffer with others, which is the meaning of compassion.’ Now, in dharma language we may say: ‘If we are not open to our suffering, if we are not ready for a direct experience of our suffering, there is not much hope of having empathy for other people’s suffering.’

In other words, if we run from the experience, it's just us suffering and not us experiencing so as to lessen it the next time for ourselves and others.

Patience involves staying with it, living it through, listening carefully to what presents itself to us here and now.

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you detach from the feelings and be an observer of what you are going through, the suffering lessens and you learn from the experience. 

Running just masks it worse.