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Nothing Beats a Jeep Jamboree

Day 1 - Firebreak #5 Tillamook State Forest ORV

Day 1 - Firebreak #5 Tillamook State Forest ORV

Many "poo-poo" a Jeep Jamboree. But that's usually the crusty anti-social Jeeping types. Get them to try one and they go every year, maybe twice! Nothing beats a Jeep Jamboree for learning about your Jeep, picking your next modifications, meeting lifetime friends, and exploring a new area. Sounds cheesy but it's true! You will never meet a more helpful group of people or visit more beautiful new places. 

It's a week later and I'm still missing the people and the challenges I pushed myself through. Don't have a Jeep? Go buy one and join the fun. Have a Jeep? Go register for a Jamboree of many across the US, like the 2nd Tillamook State Forest Jamboree we just completed. 

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