4 Days Until Departure, 7 Days Until the Rebelle Rally Starts

Everyone asks me if I'm excited or nervous. Generally, it's hard to tell because I'm wrapping up some very exciting future opportunities at ICD High Performance Coatings. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm a shareholder and CEO/President of ICD. As well, doing the never-ending laundry of myself and an eight-year-old, and trying to pack gear for the race, all at the same time. I'm not nervous, offroading has been a passion for a long time and trips like this are what I choose to do for vacation. When I really stop to think, I'm excited about the race. Excited to see new places I've not seen before, all under the structure of a rally race. There will be many challenges, I'm sure, but I'm excited to tackle them with my navigator, Char. 


People also ask if I think I can win. Honestly, I haven't a clue as this is my first time running this race. I do know that I have offroad skills that keep growing and Char and I have been practicing our map and compass skills for close to a year now. I think we have as good a chance as anyone but without the experience of others who have run the race last year. Do I want to win? You bet! Do I have a competitive streak, oh yeah, I do. I will put every effort into doing what is needed to win but I'm most excited about beating myself. Facing challenges and getting through them. Learning from having done it. If we can get better each day, I will be happy. 

My gear checklists are organized (from past trips, yeah, I'm that much a geek) and a few odds and ends to be had from the store. Otherwise, I'm ready and so is our 2014 Jeep Bomber Bob. 


Also exciting today, our shirts and hats arrived!! If you sponsored at a level that you get one, expect them after the race. 

Thursday the 12th of October will be the blackout for posting and communication, I hope to keep posting a few more times to show what we are doing. If you want to follow along, be sure to check out this post on how.

Special thanks to all our sponsors and friends who have helped us on this great adventure.

Chinook Shores Lodge, SASS Southeast Alaska Screenprinting Services, ICD High Performance Coatings, Charter Controls, TeraFlex Suspensions, and all our friends!

Our sponsors are more than just help for this race, they are people and products we love and are very glad to have with us. Chinook Shores is by far the best fishing outfitter for your salmon and halibut adventures around Ketchican. These folks are amazing and provide not only top-notch boats but awesome cabins to stay in and a crew that keep you fishing. Nadra @ SASS is amazing, our shirts and hats came from her and they are awesome. Fast turnaround, quality work, and fun to work with. ICD is my company and without them allowing me to leave them for a week, this wouldn't be happening. Charter is Char's business and I'm sure she feels the same about letting her go plan in the dirt with me. TeraFlex, one of my absolute favorite brands on the market. Everything I've gotten from them has been solid and perfect. You can not go wrong with these folks from the great state of Utah. See how TeraFlex's Nebo Roof Rack performs as we race across the desert.