Living The Life I Want...

Recently, I posted on Twitter  the question:

It's not like I just suddenly started taking stock of life, it wasn't a mid-life crisis. I ask the damn question of myself yearly. The reason I ask and posted on Twitter, was to remind anyone within digital earshot to ask the same thing. It is an important question, be you an Athiest or full of faith. Do you live life with purpose? 

I've also been thinking about why I want to blog and write. Is it to become the next Grisham? No, but that would be really nice, I think. So, why blog?


  • To become a better writer.
  • To become a better thinker.
  • Live with more intent. (life is bloody short)
  • Inspire others, if I can.
  • Give my loved ones more insight into who I am, probably I hold the vision of my son as an adult when I think of this point. 

Funny, these are the same reasons why I photograph.

So, then I had this thought:

I print my photography because a print will outlast the latest digital archive - who wants to hand an Adobe Lightroom archived file in an old external HD to your kids - and I write to express more of who I am for my son to see.

Bottom-line, surf the couch less, ride the Jeep more, push the shutter button more, and push the ink on paper more. Ok.