On Writing Every Day...
Copyright Kris Vockler

Copyright Kris Vockler

It's hard!

Yea, serious, it's really hard to do. So, why am I trying? Because it has great benefits. My goals are to improve my writing, which also includes my style. Read, less chemist journal and more Nabokov. I also want to cast thoughts and idea to writing, hoping my thoughts on those ideas change. There is also the fact that my point of view on something is unique, or it should be unique. Bound to be a few people who want to read it.

Yet, I've already faltered. Long days of child's events and my work have overwhelmed. By the time 9PM rolls around, my choices narrow to the fact that I haven't finished binge watching something. 

Which brings me to one of my top three reasons why I'm endeavoring to write daily: to set my intention on something and complete it. Even if there isn't an end to calling it complete.

  • Improve my writing ability.
  • Complete intention.
  • Explore my point of view
  • Share my photography work daily.

That's it, those are the top four reasons.