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Denali's Raven by YETI, Alaska Women Kickass, Deferring to Men

This video is full of so much awesomeness. Beautiful location and strong beautiful women living the life they want. So much inspiration in this video. Well done YETI! Interesting that the woman comments at the start on the concept of how women defer to a man when one is around. How natural it is to do. I'd call it usual, not natural. This is at the heart why I speak out about supporting women into the STEM fields and how I wish to inspire by doing things like the Rebelle Rally. Both men and women will defer to an another man in the room, be it the boardroom or traversing a mountain. There isn't anything natural about it. It's just what we are used to. 

But my favorite part is seeing how usual flying feels for her son, so much, he's doing the normal tantrum about the sun in his eyes as they are about to take off. As the plane is just as normal to them both as getting into a car.

Lots of goodness in this....enjoy.