I, Am a Camera Gear Hoarder

Ok, who isn't, right? Come on, make me feel better here, you too have trouble getting rid of gear. Ok, maybe you don't. I've been taking stock of my gear lately, not because I feel I need more. Honestly, I need to get rid of some stuff. 

Shot of my nephew on the Fuji GFX50 with 64mm lens

It's come down to how great the Fuji camera systems are. There is some magic dust in their sensors. I'm ok with magic dust. Historically, I have been a Nikon shooter. I started with Nikon over 25 years ago. The last Nikon body I bought was a D810. Then came the Sony, holy cow, a big amazing sensor with extremely good glass. Over the last ten years, what have I always walked around with and had next to my Nikon and Sony in the camera bag? A Fuji. 

Fuji Pro-2 with 35mm Fujinon Lens - Rebelle Rally - Dumont Dunes, California

If I needed to do client work, like architecture, for example, I always pulled out the Nikon. Mostly due to having used that system so long I was comfortable with getting the job done quickly and executed well. Other than lacking a tilt-shift, I could do just about everything I wanted with a Fuji. Of course, no serious photographer would use a Fuji, so I would think. 

When I look back over the last few years, I don't think I've used my Nikon system for at least two years. The Sony, maybe once or twice a year in the last two years. These are all awesome camera systems and have served me well over the years. 

Chinook Shores, Ketchikan, Alaska - Fuji Pro-2

My Fuji Pro-2 and newish GFX continue to win my time. Today I can adapt my Nikon tilt-shift on the Fuji GFX since TS's are manual focus anyway. I am continually blown away by the performance of the Fujis. Ok, I may know the Nikon like the back of my hand. I never have to really fumble with controls. But it's time, sorry Nikon, and now Sony, I'm going to have to sell you off.