Exploration, Feeling the Call of the Wild

Exploring is in our blood, our genes. Realizing not everyone likes to venture into the unknown as a species, we explore. Maybe it's because the iron in our blood was born of the Big Bang. Pumping through our veins is the stuff of comets, planets, and stars. 

We do not have to go to the stars to explore, there's plenty to find here on Earth. A recent trip outside Death Valley revealed a little-known secret of a commonplace. The common part is a spring. One of many that litter the landscape. What revealed itself to us was a dwelling used by pre-historical man, current era Native Americans, and early 19th century Europeans on a quest for ore. 

Cave dwelling inhabited by several distinct groups: pre-historic man, current era Native Americans, and early 19th century European ore prospectors. Includes geoglyphs and other rock features only visible from above. 

Annotated map

Geoglyphs are rock features or removed land with the intent to produce a design or pattern. Used by early and modern humans, the reasons aren't always obvious Some mark locations of water and possibly game while others are a complete mystery. One of the more famous and mysterious of geoglyphs on the planet are the designs in the Peruvian Nazcan plains