Meet a Team I want you to help me support in the Rebelle Rally; Unbroken Journey

Meet a Team I want you to help me support in the Rebelle Rally; Unbroken Journey
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It’s not really much of a secret how much the Rebelle Rally, Emily Miller (Rebelle Founder), the Rebelle Staff, and all the participants of the Rebelle mean to me. You can read some other things I wrote about this event and these people, here, here and here oh and here. This year, I am very excited to see companies like Honda and Nissan continue to not only step up and put teams in the Rally continue to emphasize how important it is to seek to promote more women in the STEM fields. If you aren’t familiar with what STEM means, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Often difficult fields for women to seek degrees and careers in for several reasons, none of which are due to aptitude or ability. 

This year I am not able to compete due to a busy work travel schedule. But I couldn’t let that stop me from feeling a part of the 2018 Rally. I’m very excited to pull your attention to two teams I and Team Fast ’n Curious have invested in. These are women facing personal challenges and their own doubts and fears about competing in the Rally. What makes them stand out is in the face of some very real challenges, they seek to help and inspire others through their efforts. They seek nothing in return other than for more opportunity to help others. This inspires me. 

Team #1: Team Unbroken Journey #183

Channel & Marie, two women who give meaning to Texas Tough! 

From their GoFundMe Story page: "Unbroken Journey is a 501.c.3 non profit organization. Our mission is to provide support to cancer patients in their quest to live more fulfilling lives through adventure sports, while raising money for ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, a local cancer support organization. This year's team is Team #183 with Marie Campbell & Channel Williams as our competitors.  They’ll be heading to Northern California in a few weeks to participate in the 2018 Rebelle Rally challenge. Please check-out to find out more information and watch them via satellite feed as they go offroad for approximately 1200 miles navigating with only a compass and map. The Rebelle Race begins on 10/11 and ends 10/20 in San Diego.” Please help them by sending a few dollars to their GoFundMe page:

But there is more to their story. Some words from Channel, who this past week was in the hospital with double pneumonia.

"On this day 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer that would eventually turn into Brain Cancer that would eventually hang a title of Terminal over my head. I’m not doing this to prove anything. I’m doing it because I CAN! Cancer no longer gets to steal from me. I won’t blame cancer on the ending of the 5 year marriage, we both had our parts in that demise. So, it’s time to get busy living. Our team name.... Unbroken Journey, means to come back whole! I’m planning on it!”

As they drive from Texas to Northern California to start the Rebelle, they are hosting meet-ups with those struggling with Cancer and those who have survived. They are bringing each and everyone one of them along for the journey. After all, what they are doing is for others. And themselves. 

I need you to hit their GoFundMe page and donate. This donation helps them with the costs of the Rally and allows them to further their mission to help others. 

More on team #2 soon…

I want you to know more about the Rebelle Rally, the team who made the idea realized and the teams competing. Some are proving to themselves they can take a challenge, while some are fighting for their lives and others lives. The Rebelle Rally is a challenge, an event that requires problem-solving, practice, and performance. The results of the Rally are varied around each of the participants, some find growth, great friends, and courage they weren’t sure they could muster.