Why I Love the Rebelle Rally

Why I Love the Rebelle Rally

Last night I had a blast presenting my story and experience with the Rebelle Rally. I was in front of a large group of rugged NW men and women Jeepers. After, I realized I'm still bursting at the seams to tell my story and experience. The most prominent themes around that always gravitate to how much the Rally changed me. It may be a competition, but it's really a transformational tool for a person.

There are four main types, as I see it, who compete in the Rebelle; The Competitor, The Adventure Seeker, The Confidence Seeker, and The Challenger.

The Competitor is obvious, these women have lived motorsports their whole lives, and the Rebelle clearly provides as one of the events for their drive. The Adventure Seeker is one I relate to often, and the Rebelle also hits the marks for these folks. But it's The Confidence Seeker and The Challenger that excites me the most. More to the point it's that the Rebelle provides a beautiful venue for those seeking to change their lives. The Confidence Seeker is rather explanatory, these are people who find the connection to the Rebelle building confidence in many things. Could be offroad driving skills, mapping skills, but it could also be general confidence in life. The Challenger is similar to the Confidence Seeker, The Challenger is one who knows growth comes from adversity, so they seek it out.

Personally, I went for finding Adventure, but I found challenge, growth, confidence, and increased leadership skills. When I'm telling stories of the Rebelle, I can feel my whole being light up when I get to the parts about how it changed me.

As of late, I've been thinking a ton about how much the Rebelle serves as leadership development and could serve corporations well, as part of their personal growth and leadership programs. Being the geek that I am, I've been roughing out something I call The Rebelle Growth Framework (RGF). Which is basically a framework or formula for success in all for of the competitor types but really important for the Confidence and Challenger types. The Framework can be applied in many moments in life where you are faced with being in what's called a '"crucible" moment. More on this later I'm sure, but it's been rattling around in my head, so it's time to put it to text.