We Added TeraFlex as a Sponsor!!!
#rebellerally 2017.jpg

Well, 2017 has hit with a bang. Scheduling for training as the Rebelle Rally seems far, but October is closer than we think. Getting out in our Jeep, planning for mechanical changes, and polishing the old map and compass skills. It's going to be a fun year!!

At the moment, we are so excited to announce that TeraFlex has joined our sponsorship team. We love this company, class acts all around and products we love. My dream is to get some TeraFlex bumpers on the Jeep, but some configuring will need to be done. Maybe later in the year. For now, we are going to try out a much-needed part for the Rebelle Rally, a rack. It's going to be the TeraFlex Nebo Rack system:

Now, I'm not one to like racks; I'm not a fan of being more top heavy. However, as I do more overlanding and now the Rebelle Rally, I really need something to put the lighter gear up top. Space is, even more, a premium. Another issue, I only have a limited number of inches to spare before the Jeep will not be sleeping in the garage anymore. Enter, the TeraFlex Nebo Rack, low profile and sturdy enough to handle more weight than I could even want.

Thanks again TeraFlex for partnering with us, you are going to love what we can do together!!


TeraFlex https://teraflex.com/ | Rebelle Rally http://www.rebellerally.com/ |