All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Tires...

What Do You Hope Santa Brings for Your Jeep?

I swear the last time I looked, Autumn was just starting. Now we are in the middle of various holidays! The one I participate in is Christmas. I have many friends who are celebrating Christmas and Hanukah, where they get the stamina, I do not know.

What I do know is what I want from Santa this year, for my Jeep. I think my seven-year-old son also wants this for me; he’s sweet like that. He may get a Nerf gun out of the deal.

So, on to my wish list of Jeep parts for Bob the Bomber. All of them are in preparation for the Rebelle Rally in October.

  • New Falcon Shocks by TeraFlex - As I’m doing more overlanding, and now the Rebelle Rally, (with much more to come after, I’m sure.) I’m very interested in this new design from TeraFlex. Greater fluid handling and heat over long distances…yea.
  • AEV Heat Reduction Hood - Not a new product but one I need. As Jeepers, we know the heat builds up under our hoods. Couple that with my Twin ARB compressor mounted under the hood, heat needs to leave the area.
  • TeraFlex Nebo Roof Rack w/ Slats - I’ve avoided getting a roof rack for a few reasons, most important was weight stability. Weight stability is why I had a Jeep trailer custom built to take a roof-top-tent. Carry gear and have a place to sleep. But with the Rally coming up, I think space and weight are going to be at odds with each other. Light stuff will have to go on top. Biggest constraint? Limited space left before I won’t fit in the garage.

There you have it; a tall order for Santa. But a gal needs to set her expectations high. Please comment with your thoughts on my personal picks or what you hope to have Santa bring.

What are you hoping to see under the Christmas tree this year for your Jeep?