Officially Entered in the Rebelle Rally


My partner Charlene O'Day and I are officially entered to participate in the 2017 Rebelle Rally. TEAM #145!!! A 2,000km points and checkpoint based rally just for women, and all map and compass. Not a GPS to be found.

Off-roading is something I've done for over 20 years but only something I've gotten reallly serious about in the last two. Not a replacement for backpacking, which I enjoy greatly, but a new challenge and skill set to learn. Not to mention, a great way to carry photography gear into areas not easily reached.

I've been asked, "do you think you can win?" The answer is yes, we have the skills to do really well and plan to hone weaker skills this year we have to train. Even if all steps are to be taken to put us in a position to win, against some serious women who do this for a living, for us it's about the adventure. Char and I share the same family, cousins to be exact, and it's an opportunity to spend more time together doing what we love, off-roading.

The race isn't cheap, $12,000 to enter and that won't include any upgrades needed on the Jeep. As I've said, off-roading isn't our main gig in life, so what do we have to offer sponsors?

  • A network of off-roaders and groups via social media.
  • A network of friends and people we have meet all over the world in off-roading events.
  • A solid marketing background and ability to build value for sponsors both in social media and in-person with interactions.
  • Solid off-roading and mapping skills that will help put us in a top position, meaning more exposure for sponsors.

It is truly going to be an adventure and we are glad you are reading this and sharing in the fun with us. An IndiGoGo page will be setup soon so everyone can help us out with any amount and opportunities to get some great SWAG from Team Fast N Curious.

In the meantime, please pass this to anyone you know who is open to sponsoring an amazing team!

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