Is Print Dead? Nope.

Is Print Dead? Nope.
Kris Vockler

I miss print books. I buy mostly e-books so I can feed my ADD mind by having five going at once. Probably not the most effective way. I miss bookstores. There is something about the culture, smell, hustle, and hush of a bookstore. But, again, I buy mostly e-books now. With bookstores closing left and right, I would have thought that print was dying. It's not.

Check out the latest Pew Research info on "Book Reading 2016."

Only 6% of Americans are digital-only book consumers. 38% read only print books in the last 12 months. 

This has me thinking about my book consumption. All art books are print, especially photography. Not just because most are only in print, but there is something about a big book of photography to get lost in. I buy e-books on Amazon with wild abandon. But only read a few. Then a few weeks later, do it again. I think my completion to acquiring ratio is off. I guess I fell right into what Amazon wants me to do, buy more than I read. Because, if I'm reading, I'm not buying.

I think I'll try going back to some print novels for a while, see how that feels. 

How about you? Are you print or e-book or both?