Love Letters to the End

Love Letters to the End

Cleaning out my Evernote archive, I came across something I wrote about four years ago. I think it was an online writing project, I really can't remember. But I liked what I wrote, so I'll share it. My guess, it was a project to write a love note to the world as if it was ending tomorrow.

Love Letters to the End

P.O. Box 17693

Los Angeles, CA



Dear World,


     I've learned from you for over 40 years but is the first time I've written you a love letter. Probably because I have struggled with what love is. However, just when I forget, you show me. I've been lucky enough to taste your spices in Istanbul, float on your waters on Lake Titicaca, and wonder at your beauty and expansiveness in the Grand Canyon. On your hot summer days, you let me drink from your cool streams. When my ego got too big, you let me hike your highest peaks, just to show me how insignificant my ego really is. 

     Your people have showed me great things as well as horrific things. You showed me people so full of compassion and love, they chose to serve and help others over themselves. Even people with far more disadvantages than most, yet they still seek to serve others suffering. But I've also seen your people who have sought to hurt and feed off others. Great injustices and crimes, leaving many without hope or a sliver of compassion for another. How can a place so beautiful as you, have such a duality?

     If you do cease to exist this year, the goodbye will be sorrowful yet I will feel as if our relationship was perfect and complete. With all it's incongruence and unexplained, you taught me more than I feel I gave back to you. Today, I have a son who is three years old. We take such pleasure in what I show him about you and what we learn together. There has been times when I have neglected to pay attention to you but now, through his eyes and experience, I can show him your best and what we did together. 


For his sake, I hope this isn't goodbye. For he will be missing out on the best thing there ever was.