We've Added ICD High Performance Coatings as a Sponsor!!

ICD High Performance Coatings is a world leader in green and sustainable coatings for the automotive, appliance, and construction markets. In the automotive world, you can find their coatings on windshields as the black obscuration band around the edges. As well, they have coatings for polycarbonate and other plastics. The key for ICD is making high performing alternative coatings that meet the worlds green and sustainable needs. 

For full disclosure, I'm the CEO and a shareholder of ICD High Performance Coatings. I let others decide if sponsoring would be beneficial and the answer was a resounding, yes! With our ties and efforts to move more into both OEM and after-market glass and plastics for automotive needs, the opportunity is perfect. 

To learn more about ICD: www.icdcoatings.com

Read more about ICD's revolutionary windshield obscuration screen print ink, CeramiGlass.

Read more about ICD's DecoVas, one of the few high performing coatings that adheres to polycarbonate!