Rebelle Rally, Why?

Because it's there? Partly. I like to do things I've never done before. I may not be the best at things but I like learning to become better. Be it photography, off-roading, running a business, or being a Mom. You could insert a million other hobbies and things. I call it having intense curiosity. Like taking part my first radio when I was a kid. 

Over the years, off-roading has been a challenge, a fun challenge. A more serious challenge in the last few years. The Rebelle Rally combines a few things I am really interested in. First, I love being part of things that promote more women to have confidence. It's why I love supporting programs that get more women into the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields. Second, I love overlanding and this will be one of my longer trips ever taken with the Jeep. Third, map and compass. GPS can be challenging at times but using just map and compass, wow. I loved working with map and compass back in my Geology student days. We had to do all our mapping by hand (Brunton Compass) on vellum.

Thus far, the adventure has been great:

  • Sponsors continue to be sought so as to off-set costs and increase the fun of building a family.
  • Mods and additions to the Jeep for better overlanding comfort and performance.
  • About to start training with my c-pilot Char.
  • Today we plan a trip to Death Valley for a little vacation and training.